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Our Album


                 Girls  Age 6/7                                                      Jim & Justin  Age 2/7      
                 Maryland , US                                                      California, US
     Custom: Girl's Mandarin set                                 Custom: Dragon Mandarin set         


                   Jim    Age 5                                                   Justin  Age 18mons
                  California, US                                                  California, US
     Custom: Chinese Kung-fu suit                                Custom: Chinese Du-Dou       
                   Hananh    Age  2 1/2                                             Maddie Age 6
                  Massachusetts, US                                                  Minnesota, US
     Custom: Sleeveless Mandarin Dress set                    Custom: Chinese dress (qipao)- red plum   
                 Keira    Age  16mons                                       Ethan & Keira Age 5 /16 mons
                  Texas, US                                                      Texas, US
     Custom: Chinese Dress (Rosy plum)                    Custom: Boy's dragon Mandarin Set (dark blue)   
                  Maddie Age 6                                                            Elli Age 6
                  Minnesota, US                                                         Kentucky, US
     Custom: Chinese dress (qipao)- red plum                Custom: Chinese dress (qipao) - pink plum
                  Logan Age 5                                                            Nadine Age 4
                  New York, US                                                         New York, US
     Custom: Chinese traditional set                                      Custom: Chinese Tutu dress set
                  Logan & Nadine                                                          Logan & Nadine
                  New York, US                                                         New York, US
     Custom: Chinese traditional set                                      Custom: Chinese Tutu dress set



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